Jewellery Care

Your pieces have been made to be worn, and so enjoy wearing as often as possible as your natural skin oils will only enhance your jewellery. However some basic care will help maintain that new look.

Below are a few tips to keep your jewellery looking its best.

Sterling Silver - is prone to oxidation (tarnishing) which is a natural chemical reaction which can discolour the silver. This oxidisation is enhanced if your silver is in contact with household chemicals, is left at the bottom of the jewellery box or in direct sunlight. Some medications can also change the acid balance of the skin and quicken the process.

All the La Flora products have therefore been Rhodium plated to maintain the shine. This is a protective layer which is bright and hard wearing. Excessive cleaning does slowly remove this coating, but can be readily re applied by your jeweller inexpensively.

Gold Products - your yellow and rose gold pieces should be easily maintained by simply wiping over with a soft cloth after wear. If your piece has accumulated body oils etc, you can simply soak and rinse in warm soapy water and use a soft toothbrush to brush off the grime. Rinse well and dry with a soft cloth.

Your white gold jewellery will have been Rhodium plated, so a rub over with a soft cloth should be sufficient.

Your earrings and pendants should not require much additional care for many many years, but your rings may require a professional polish (and Rhodium plating where appropriate) a little more often as your rings come into contact with more metals and hard surfaces in day to day wear collecting some scratches, build up of hand creams etc along the way. Your local jeweller would be able to assist with a quick polish or steam clean to help maintain the longevity of your jewellery items.